1970 TRIUMPH GT6 RACE READY - El Solitario


Yesterday had kid’s fun flying over forgotten backcountry roads on this mini gladiator.  A sharp set of big grins, and soaked  backs, certified we had fun fighting each and every turn on our way. This particular GT6 was a 1970 MKII, equipped with a Le Mans fiberglass bonnet, magnesium Mini Lites & widened rear body.  A boosted motor with 130hp, juiced by two big Stomberg carburetors, competition cams, intake manifolds & pipes did the rest. On the interior we found a roll cage, a pair of racing seats and a rock hard suspension to keep it low and on track, despite our constant attempts to destabilize him, tackling turns way too fast for a late 60’s lil’ speed demon. Well done Borja for a fabulous restoration job while turning it into a racing cheeky mini Bull Terrier. Brilliant!

Commissioned in 1963 to Giovanni Michelotti, the styling of this wonderful mini GT was immediately a success. But it wasn’t until the addition of a larger 2 liter, 6 cylinders motor, that really placed it into the arena, becoming the ultimate MG killer on the roads & races all over the world.


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  1. Lovely car, really like. Where did You get the front part from? I own a GT 6 also, consider converting mine, too. By the way, do You have a good source for interior parts?

  2. Hola Solitario,

    I saw by coincidence superb pictures of superb car. I am from Europe, but was not able to find similar bonnet.
    Would it be possible to advise producer/seller of the bonnet?
    Cheers,and congrats with your nice website!

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