As most of you already know (READ: To Catch a Dream), Southsiders MC, Good For & ESMC have joined forced to race our works on this years Speedweek (Bonneville, Utah). ESMC will run our 1969 Triumph, “La Sal del Diablo”, and below are pictures of the new Nose Cone, specially made by Ragged Edge Racing, that will help us go… FASTERRRR!!!! @#$*

Speed Paint on the nose cone and rest of the bike by Ornamental Conifer


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  1. Just make sure Mi Amigos that you’ve got ALL the safety regulations down pat and are following them to the absolute letter . They’ll kick your butts if you even miss so much as a securing wire not being twisted quite enough …. send you to the back of the line …. and well ……. thats no way to have your first Bonneville experience … believe me .

    When it comes to the safety regs on the Salt over caution is advised !

    Rock On !

    ( won’t be there myself unfortunately , so I owe you guys a beer ; Remember while you’re there though . Polygamy Porter . Find a bottle and let me know what you think – And IF Deschutes Black Butte Porter has found its way to Utah ( from OR ) Buy a bottle or ten . Nectar of the Gods !

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