Ladies & gentleman, fill your gas tanks and kickstart your imagination for the trip of a lifetime: The Ramones, New York Dolls, Richard Hell and Television, Suicide, Dictators, Patty Smith, Talking Heads… Tonight we will travel to the punk roots, the dark streets of New York City in the 1970s. We will get high, fuck & get lost in the getaways and clubs from the dodgy East Side to the skid row heart of the Bowery, always looking for the very first glimpses of the main groups that fussed a new musical era. But remember, no experience is needed, we will break all rules and forget the past! Never look behind, as there’s no coming back.


Suicide’s Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Vegas murmurs & Rev’s electronic succulence in a bizarre pack.

Television unveiled a new guitar vocabulary, twisting all precedent forms.

NY finests, The Ramones, raw on the CBGB. Watch them live raw & uncut BELOW on a CBGB concert in 1974. Awesome!

Richard Hell always pushing the aesthetic conceptions of the time.

Talking heads and their avant-garde hidden schizoid pop.

The Dictators. Fast garage proto-punk.

Blondie. The heat of decadence.

The New York Dolls.

bianca iggyKings of darko glam; Iggy POP & Bianca Jagger

Patti Smith with hat & The Skunks.

When asked in ESMC about our identity, our style, and although always preferred to avoid tags, it reiteratively comes to our minds that this is the kind of attitude we could feel most identified with. We dislike rules and will keep disobeying them, systematically pushing off limits. So expect more dissidence to come from this lil’ corner of the world.

Oh Oh… The show must go on!
Special thanks to Link Wray for making all this possible.

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  1. >"THE BLANK GENERATION" (1976) de Ivan Kral (guitarra con Blondie y Patti Smith) es la película que muestra las actuaciones de Patti Smith, Television, Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, New York Dolls, etc. en el CBGB.
    El verdadero origen del punk, aunque muchos crean que es un invento inglés.

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