We call her The Grizzly, and its definitely not just another Beemer, like those popping here & there. 18’/18′ Excel identical Rims on the bike now, and looking wicked low. Dreamt with this moment so many times, that now it tastes like early morning Napalm. Smells like Victory!!! Immediately started playing around and throwing together the first mock ups. Look at that 40 liter beast sitting well on the frame!@#$%) Its insane. Waiting for so long, made us loose conscience and brought a thousand doubts about the original layout, but now after contemplating the stance, we know that it will be just right.
Glad the worst has passed. We know what needs to be done now, so we only need to make it happen. New seat, new subframe, monoshock swing arm? new controls, paints, surprises… bla bla bla…

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  1. >Está quedando de lujo… igual no te hace feliz la asociación, me ha venido a la cabeza la Munch Mammut, una moto que me encanta. Enhorabuena por ese pedazo de garaje taller que tienes.

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