TRIMOTORO - El Solitario


A project like this takes so much effort, that we need to put it to rest every now and then or we might end up dreaming about setting it on fire. Trimotoro will be the new name for this motorcycle, our most ambitious bid so far, as she feels no longer comfortable under the Guzzi V65 shade. The original Trimotoro, was a hybrid between a ship, a plane and a car, purposely built to travel around the world. We came across this motorized wonder in a sweet children’s book and it immediately caught our illusion, but it got even wilder when we discovered about its only possible fuel; IMAGINATION!#$%

The rear end of our Trimotoro, was surprisingly easy to materialize right from the drawing board, but we cannot say the same about the gas tank…
We had already some experience modifying existing gas tanks, and we even had the chance to fabricate 2, fuel “cells” for the Winning Loser...!! … but like the original Trimotoro’s, this is no ordinary adventure…
The fabrication of the reservoir has officially become our 2012 little apocalypse, but we are confident we will overcome difficulty in the end.

Now we’re immerse in the middle of our third attempt and definitely looking better, but still running on diapers. Our biggest challenge, was to manage all the different planes’s convergence at the front & now feel on the right track. A devotional study of Master Kimura’s way of shaping alloy was needed and although proved an enlightening exercise, simultaneously, it projected an indelible mark on our tank, maybe even too profound… but we understood the need to settle somewhere in order to keep going forward and at least we know we pegged on the best.


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