We have been delighted all week by the continuous picture erotica coming from Japan.
If you want more here is a great flickr

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  1. >No intention to polemicize but… Why so many bike customizers use swastikas, and double Ss? I know they aren't nazis at all, but it's quite astonishing using that aesthetic inspiration.

  2. >I understand your point Humo, but we gotta admit that both are terribly strong symbols. I think is just a way of provocation by making the public leave their comfort zone & question their own creeds.

  3. >No creo que sea ningun tipo de provocación ni filiación a ninguna ideología política, las esvásticas son un símbolo solar, sus primeras representaciones datan del siglo V AdC y en el arte japonés tienen miles de años de tradición, el problema que tienen en occidente es la mala utilización que de ella hizo el partido nazi, pero está presente en todo el arte primitivo a nivel mundial y se pueden encontrar ejemplos por toda Europa.

    Un abrazo.

  4. >Although this specific swastika in this pic has nothing to do with the 3rd Reich and national socialism, since it's mirrored from hitler's version.
    This symbol was/is used by many, I think even the American Military used it (Marines?), it's also a symbol map symbol in Japan.

    But besides this, it's actually really intersting why there's so many swazis used in this bike culture. would be unimaginable in Germany.

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