“That a beautiful film could be set in the world’s largest garbage dump sounds like an oxymoron, but acclaimed documentarian Lucy Walker has pulled off precisely that feat in her profoundly moving “Waste Land.” She follows renowned Brooklyn-based, Brazilian-born artist Vik Muniz on a singularly ambitious project: going to Jardim Gramacho, a vast landfill established in 1970 north of Rio de Janeiro, photographing itscatadores, pickers of recyclable materials, and then collaborating with them in transforming these photos into portraits created with recyclable materials. His purpose is to inspire his pickers to see themselves in a new way and even to re-imagine their lives” Los Angeles Times.

Watch it if you can! Its fantastic!

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  1. >Hello:

    Just for knowledge…

    Nobody knew here in Brazil who is Vik Muniz before this movie.
    He is an unrecognized genious in his own country.

    We have problems to identify good people in Brazil, mainly in Rio de Janeiro. The corrupted politicians is easier because 90% are working at the same place (our congress)…

  2. >I worked for 4 years in Jardim Gramacho neighborhood and I can ensure for you: the life quality is similar to Freetown (Serra Leoa capitol); but onle 30 minutes by car far from Ipanema beach…

  3. >We know what you're talking about as we suffered that pain in our own little hell while living there. . . (Some unforgettable trouble with the PM…)
    Brazil and Rio, specially, is one of the most beautiful lands in the world, though so brutally mismanaged. Good wishes for the future we send you!

  4. >Yeah!
    We still have problems with PM, but the gorvernor and major are working togheter to minimize thes problems.
    But the bad propaganda about Rio is bigger than the good prop.
    It's simple: I was born in Rio and worked untill las october. Now I'm living in Minas Gerais (another state 440km far from) and the local TV shows only nice images and notices, like a paradise. We know we're not in paradise; but the focus is completely different.

    Wish all the best!

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