Goodwood is mainly a car event, so lets face it cars were everywhere and of amazing stature indeed. Here is a small sneaky view on what was going there on 4 wheels to close the Goodwood trilogy. Enjoy and hope to see you there next year!

A pleasure to go after you Sir…

Fangio’s winning machine at he 1940 Turismo Carretera Race in Argentina.

Sir Sterling Moss was there.
E-Type race grid.

Aston Martin Squadron

Scottish C Type?

Fabulous Bugatti Type 59. Probably one of the best autos I’ve ever encountered.

Ford Brass bodied T Racer

The Fabulous 1951 Hudson Hornet. One of my favourite american cars with their huge 5.0 liters straight 6 engine.
Affordable rad classic: The Ford Falcon.
Friends & Bentleys…

Ford Galaxie 500. The true muscle car.

Triumph 500 engine in a formula 3. The starting point for many great legends.

Big boys grin.

Dusty “murdered” black Gullwing. BUG 55? COOL!

Surfing Woodies rule. Sold at the Bonhams auction.

This unique special MB 170 was built for a Body Shop in New Mexico and was no doubts my favorite car in the Parking Lot. Its owner; a fine gentleman from Dusseldorf, had had it for over 25 years. Since the moment I saw it, I fell in love and approached its driver so as to try and offer him any/all of my “camels” in order to make a deal, which he kindly refused. “My kids would be greatly dissapointed if I ever sold this car, as they grew up in it. One day it will be for them”. I was sad by his refusal but, in a way, happy that the cute van was adored at home.

Love Cadillac

Need Oil?

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. Boat Tail Speedster?

Bentleys are real COOL. As Ettore Bugatti defined them we adore “The fastest Truck on Earth”

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  1. >There were so many great cars there. Hundreds of them, thousands of them. Eventually my eyes and my mind had to shut down from the overload and I sat with the boys and drank beer to finish off the day.

  2. >I reckon that Scottish C type could be an Ecurie Ecosse D type…

    as a privateer team they won the Le Mans 24hr in 56 and 57 when they also came 2nd… and they used to knock around on the coolest transporter ever

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