Bikes were not predominant in the Goodwood Arena but of outstanding presence all of them. We had the street bikes; cafes, bobbers and other classics on one side, and then the racing bikes competing in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy. The “Le Mans Start” race was open to 350cc to 500cc, built from 1962 to 1966. Mostly Manx Nortons, we also could enjoy listening to a handful of Matchless G50s, two MV Agusta 500/3s, a Ducati 350 Desmo, a Gilera 500/4 and a Honda CR450. Last but not least we could also see a pack of classic motocross motorcycles riden by old champions like Les Archers, Don & Derick Rickman or Dave Curtis.

The work and craftsmanship styling on all bikes was incredible. Celebrity mechanic crews dressed in impeccable gowns were rushing to have their rides sound for each race. Open boxes were a great opportunity to learn the insights of british motorcycle racing from the best practitioners in the world.

Norton 500SS Racer with low boy frame. The bike that was destined to become a star but destiny had other plans.

Great character! 3rd on the British Classic Championship

The Motocross chaps.
If you have heard the Roar of a well tuned Norton Manx engine being revved you know what it feels like, but imagine the minutes before the start, 20 Norton Manx heating up at the same time!!! Insane.

Dr. Norton!
No remorse.

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  1. >Hello,
    the pics and this event were really uncredible you are lucky to go there but just a precision when you wright that about the pics behind "Triumph 500 Twin Racer with low frame. The bike that was destined to become a star but destiny had other plans"
    The motorcycle it's not a triumph but a domiracer with Norton low boy frame and a 500 SS norton engine this bikes was especialy made for racing in the TT and made in really few exemplar the principal reasons to do this frame is to lowered the fatherbed frame for aérodinamism and maniability .
    Instead of that great blog and rias Baixas in Galicia is a really beautiful place to be.
    All my appologies for my English
    Best regards from France

  2. >Thanks Benoit for your words! I blew it … my fault. I was posting in a rush trying to upload a big bunch of pictures to try to beat the SouthsidersMC and their super post!!! Haha. As for the bike, she was a killer! we actually spent half and hour in front of the low boy talking with some friends about how it was meant to become the biggest of champs but one thing or another eclipsed her destiny.

  3. >#99 was super quick in the race. He was leading by 5 seconds for several laps. Great stuff at Goodwood, now if only I could convince them to change the theme to be 1900-1920… 😉

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