ElSolitarioMC has been fortunate enough to be invited to take part in the Goodwood Vintage Revival. Goodwood is a beautiful state located in the heart of Sussex, best of the English countryside and center of vintage motor culture in the Pirate Island. Can you Imagine a racing weekend organized by the best possible Hotel in the world? Well even if you could, you should make it double, add some salt, pepper, a hint of lemon, celery & Perrins Sauce put a few Spitfires on the Air… and yet, you won’t even be close to what Lord March has created here. Luxury was even in the smallest detail of a wonderfully cut & executed event. Cars were the center piece but although bikes were scarce they were of extreme quality and lets not forget about aircrafts!
What to say about the people? Well, it was fabulous! Only in England could you succeed planning an adventure like this. Spectators, gathered around the “heavy” machinery, were reviving the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s style creating a magical atmosphere. Again, only in England would you achieve to gather such a collection of the motoring finest.
We would like to thank Vincent Prat, frontman of the Southsiders MC and Mr. Nick Clements, head of (The Enlightening!) Men’s File Magazine for sharing this experience with us.
PS: Stay tuned for the next feature on the Motorcycles and fine Automobiles present at Goodwood later this week.

The Vintage Goddess from Montpellier.

Vincent, the Rockers & the Hasselblad

The Queens of period elegance.

Obviously the place to be. Huggy’s Flat & Knuckle!

Men’s File Crew, Simon & Fabian

Big Huggy Leaver and his 1942 Knucklehead

US Battalion listening carefully to Chief Clement’s instructions.

The Mods

Photographer Horst Friedrichs

The Southsiders Weapons

Triumph bicycle

Lovely Hiroko & her 1948 Triumph Speed Twin 500cc

Fiddi’s boots around one of his creations (Davida!)

The Cool Frisco Boys Paul d’Orleans and Pete Young.

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