LA BAñEZA GP 2011 TOUR. - El Solitario


This weekend we had the pleasure to assist to the ultimate motorcycle racing event in Spain. La Bañeza urban GP is a gem of the past that, only thanks to the work and dedication of the Moto Club Bañezano, still screams on this little town’s runways every summer. 4 categories: 125 GP, 2 strokes classics, and 4 strokes singles and 4 strokes twin, always under 500cc. All the spanish classic fast dudes like Juan Martin, Mauro, Joson, Paco… were there, and it was a great joy to see them celebrating such a cool venue on the streets. Feeling like in 1970, it was awesome to see the bikes raging at just 30 cm from my camera lens!!! In one turn, while shooting some pics of the 2 strokes classics, No. 18, (pic underneath) from the legendary Moto Club Piston, running a bit wide on a right turn, hit the straw bale I was leaning on, and made my sunglasses fall to the tarmac… FUCK!!!*** … that was close… What a weekend!!! Thanks to Big Papa Manolo for his hospitality and lots of love to all the friends that made it to Leon. Hope to see you next year!
More pictures on El Solitario MC’s facebook page.

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