ESMC is very proud to be the first media to publish (& ride on La Bañeza’s streets last weekend!) our dear friend Osiyuyu’s, intimidating motorcycle. Osiyuyu is a recognized antique art restorer and ever since his early days in Bilbao, as a Fine Arts University Scholar, has always felt the need to merge the artistic force that has always driven him, with his other passion; bikes. First shots at this movement were the wild transformations on his old vespas and as years passed, the scope broadened and now the aim was on one of his scariest toys: Miss Hyde!

This 2006 carbureted KTM 950 SM has been tuned and agitated in order to become the killer monster that you may observe in the pics below. Not being a professional bike builder but wanting to remain in control of absolutely every aspect in the process, Osiyuyu had to manage a team of professionals & friends around him, to realize his ultimate dream. After a long year’s hard work (and a great dose of, by now released, frustration), we can easily feel the nerve and the obsession for detail, of the author’s eloquent mind, in her provocative stance.

All custom fabrication was done by local shop owner and mate Raul Inox. Miss Hyde’s tank insignia was carried out by our buddy Raulowsky and the painting was commissioned to Lana’s Paintshop. Last but not least, all the mechanical & electrical work was carried out by Tino Mallo.

Of course, and according to the bike’s owner, Miss Hyde is not finished and will never be! Same as it should happen with any other form of artwork.
2006 KTM 950 SM.
Wheels: 2x 17′ Kineo with Pirelli Phantoms.
Brakes: 2x 320mm Brembo Front Discs and Calipers.
Custom Fabricated: Subframe, Battery Relocation under Fuel Tank and Front Fender.
Fuel Tank: Chopped Honda CB 750 F, with 10 LT capacity.
Handlebars: Neken for KTM Racing with EMIG Racing Triple Trees.
Rear Cowl: Carbon Fiber Vespa PK seat.
SAS and EFC systems were condemned for improved performance as well as the Motohooligan airbox and Cayenne filter for a new total output of 110+ HP.
Pipes: Laser GP Extreme.
Rizoma Mirrors and License Plate Holder.
Photography by Kristina Fender.

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