Our dear friend and talented photographer Kristina Fender was in Spa Francorchamps covering the last 4 Hours Classic Spa Endurance Races. This roller-coaster track, courses along the Ardennes Mountains and contains every conceivable challenge a racer could wish for, and on top of this, the worlds toughest corner: The Eau Rouge. Kris (she is also an active sidecar racer!) has an astounding ability to capture the essence & hidden spirit of motorcycle races, the people and its atmosphere. From the ESMC Blog we want to thank her, for giving us this exclusive selection of pictures to share with you, and we send all our love!
For those query minds that never feel satisfied *(yes you!!) please visit her blog HERE and don’t forget to add it to your favorites, as her adventures will grow bigger and bigger and that’s for granted.

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  1. >I would like to know why they disqualified Manel Segarra & son, alleging "technical reasons", after winning the race with their superb Guzzi… Anyway well done guys!! Its amazing to see father & son wipe off the track all big 4 cylinder jap bikes with their feared Guzzi Le Mans.

  2. >I can explain it to you as I was there. First of all : the gas pump, had two incomes to get the gas inside the gas tank, i mean it was a post-classic method. the rest of the competitors used one income gas provider, by using two incomes you gain more than 1 second each time gas is provided, last year, when they won, they were informed of this rule and of the fact they wont pass it next year.
    Them some pieces out of rules as suspensions or so on, don´t remember.
    What surprise me is that you expend a whole year to improve your machine, lots of money to get there, you make all the efforts to win and don´t pay attention to the rules of this kind of event….

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