Juan Martin, owner of Motos Martin Martin, in San Martin de Valdeiglesias, is a good friend, and the man if you want to talk about serious Ducati Classic Racing. Juan is one of those guys you wouldn’t mind to follow around and just listen to his cool stories until late at night. Winner in 3 occasions at La Bañeza GP, ((Once in front of the 7 times World Champion “The Prince” AKA: Phil Read!!!)), with his, (number 21 at the end of this post), red Ducati 450. Juan still races hard in the Spanish Speed Classics Championship where you’ll find him fighting for a place in the podium. His workshop is filled with the smell of classic days glory, laurel wreaths and high octane gasoline. The place is literally packed, with racing Ducatis from the 60’s and 70’s, early 80’s 500cc GP Suzukis, RD 350s, 125s & 250s GP… in sum: anything running on carburetors that was designed to go FAST around the track. Our 750SS (top pics!) has always been under the Martin Martin diet and that’s why it still pushes like a killer ape! It is always a pleasure to meet guys who are really passionate about what they do and nail it.

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