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Mr. Condor’s Iberian Endevour

Navigating in a 1973, (sometimes neglected), old boat, is a beautiful experience but it’s also rather demanding patience wise. We landed in Ibiza last Monday to master Mr. Condor to the deadly Coasts of the Galician corner, in North Atlantic Spain. Weather has been fantastic but in almost 5 days, we haven’t made it too far, as a bunch of surprises have slowed our pace.
Luckily enough we will be reaching Aguila (Murcia) by this afternoon so that will be nice!
So far we lost an Alternator, survived a waste water accident (don’t wanna remember this!@#$), replaced the throttle/inverter cables and lost the cooler. Somehow Mr. Condor dignifies all this misfortune thanks to his majestic stance.
Stay tuned.

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