MR. CONDOR - El Solitario


This happy man, up in the air, on a famous Ibizan rock, (above), is my all time buddy Cpt. Chun and his newly acquired HOME! … and when I say HOME I mean it. The charming little yacht you can see in the pics, was built in 1973 by the top notch Danish Yard responsible for the majestic Jongert. For the neophyte, Jongerts are probably the finest, steel hull, sailing yachts that circumnavigate our world. Mr. Condor, as she is named, is unit N.2, of 2 built!, in an attempt of the ultra luxury “Big Boys” yard to commercialize a smaller size super-yacht. The adventure was found to be economically not viable and the 2 prototypes were lost in the yard’s memories…
… well… not any more!!!
I will be joining Chun on the crazy island, next week, to start planning and gearing up the boat for the first voyage on Mr. Condor: Ibiza/Galicia on April.
I’ll keep you posted even if you don’t care.

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