STRATO'S 1979 KAWASAKI KZ1000 - El Solitario





Had kid’s fun trying to help my friend Stratos, start his old Kawa. This great bike had been sitting in his backyard for almost a year. Armed with a new battery, a set of spark plugs, 1 gallon of gas, some oil and a few tools… I was determined to make her ROOOOOOARRR!!! At one time, and after a few adjustaments, we were truly optimistic that we were going to have a starter!@#$ … but finally, the old lady refused to give us a decent spark. We have the problem isolated to the coils so tomorrow (hopefully!@%) we’ll be able to hear her loud.

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  1. >Dale caña !!! que se vea tu "arte" … 3 a 1 que mañana no arranca tampoco, jajajaa.
    Por cierto, quedas bien en las fotos, parece que sabes lo que haces y todo, jajajaa … te esperamos en España con algunas novedades.

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