Blog - El Solitario
The last El Solitario OUTLAWS was a story about long lasting friendships. Paying tribute to the freedom of each individual who took part in this, we decided to give a disposable camera to each of them. The result? A scrapbook more authentic than ever. The beauty of a photograph is the personification of the eye that was looking at the precise instant of the shot.
After Thanksgiving, we load our bikes and become desert wolves. Metaphorically (for now) in the form of LA-Barstow-to-Vegas [LAB2V] desert ride in the desert between the cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas.As for the ride itself: Delightful. But the task is never without its challenges.
Coinciding with our 14th anniversary, we were asked by some avid observers to present ourselves and define where we are going. Instead of manufacturing a long boring document we wrote this one minute El Solitario manifesto and edited some footage to illustrate our DNA and our destiny.
Although with scant regard for the banality of much in popular culture, El Solitario`s approach to music isn’t rooted in intellectual superiority but leaves a door ajar into a psychedelic, esoteric, sometimes challenging world. Making us junkies for new soundscapes. Our musical inclinations are often the result of a near-mythological desire for complete independence, better-ly (does this word even exist?) defined by the roads we chose not to take than the mountains we repeatedly conquered.
Unlike the Dakar, which has evolved into a loop rally with zero geographical interest, the Morocco Desert Challenge offers a “coast to coast” adventure. In eight stages the participants cross a maximum part of Morocco, along the Algerian border, as far away as possible from the tourist zones. The participants therefore do not sleep in hotels, but in beautiful, self-built desert bivouacs.
Good motorcycle events are almost extinct these days, and if you find one, every glittering ounce of them should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond. Last weekend, England´s Grimsthorpe Castle witnessed the celebration of the Malle Mile (One of the last surviving ones!) and the revival of ESMC´s ludicrous race "La Copita”.